Mayer 2022 Chardonnay & Pinot Noir

Mayer 2022 Chardonnay & Pinot Noir

Winery : Timo Mayer

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MIXED SIX PACK contains two each of Mayer 2022 Chardonnay, Yarra Valley (Close Planted) Pinot & Dr Mayer Pinot.

Timo Mayer comes from a family of German vignerons that have been making wine for 400 years. He established his 2.5ha Mayer vineyard near Healesville (Yarra Valley) in 1999 on very steep slopes.

2022 Mayer Yarra Valley Chardonnay: The first Chardonnay that Timo has made from Lusatia Park fruit. Michele's notes: This is exactly the style of Chardonnay we love. Swooningly perfumed and fine, but luscious and refreshing in the mouth. It is a sublime harmony of yellow peach, fig, nougat and sweet citrus with tempered acidity and fine structure.

2022 Mayer Yarra Valley (Close Planted) Pinot Noir: Michele's notes: Ruby hues. Sweet cherry and briar fruits as well as inviting spice, charcuterie and minerally notes. In the mouth the texture is lithe and silky, but there is also essential Pinot energy. Kola nut mingles with sweet and sour cherry flavours. Close planted mature vines have bestowed depth of flavour without weight.

2022 Dr Mayer Yarra Valley Pinot Noir: Same block selection as the Mayer Yarra Valley (Close Planted) but 100% whole bunch. Michele's notes: Resiny and smoky from the whole bunch ferment, with lively cranberry fruits and hints of orange peel and mace. Zippy and tangy in the mouth; persistent fruit flavours are complemented by hints of game meats and umami.



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