Apsley Gorge 2014 Pinot Noir

Apsley Gorge 2014 Pinot Noir

Winery : Apsley Gorge

$75.00 - $420.00

Tasmania's Apsley Gorge is a world apart. The location is unique, the vineyard snuggled as it is under the Douglas Apsley National Park at the northern end of the East Coast. It is a cool location, extending the ripening season and making it among the last to pick in the state.

Stylistically it's in a world of its own too. Owner/winemaker Brian Franklin has over the years crafted and defined a wine as much from the skills learned from his annual vintage in France as a response to his site in Tasmania on the other side of the world.

Brian Franklin's notes: '... The wine then muscles up with all those good, mysterious Pinot qualities and the finish leads you off into the sunset. One of the finest examples of the Apsley Gorge style.'

Michele's notes: What a wine! It's a big, bold, brooding Pinot with all the fab Apsley G contrasts - florals and earth, wet slate and spice, plums and cocoa, sweet and savoury... Give it plenty of air at this 'youthful' stage. Our tasting bottle was at its best on day two and three of being open.


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