Craigie Knowe 2015/16 Pinot Noir

Craigie Knowe 2015/16 Pinot Noir

Winery : Craigie Knowe

$40.00 - $440.00

Craigie Knowe was one of the earliest vineyards planted on the East Coast since the 1840s, when, for a couple of decades, Tasmania had a fledgling wine industry.

John Austwick was the modern pioneer in 1979, planting cabernet (for which Craigie Knowe became famed), pinot noir and riesling. After Austwick sold the vineyard in 2009, the vines (and label) fell into a state of neglect. New owners the Travers have restored the vineyard and the wines to their deserved status as superb examples of what the Cranbrook locale can offer. 

This is a richly flavoured, full-bodied East Coast Pinot. Yes the alcohol is just over 14% but it wears it extremely well, the fruit having enough flavour and inherent structure/acid to match. Dark cherries and spice in a smooth, sumptuous package. Lots of pinot for your dollar.

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