Domaine A 2010 Pinot Noir

Domaine A 2010 Pinot Noir

Winery : Domaine A


Domaine A/Stoney Vineyard is the oldest in the Coal Valley. Swiss IBM executive Peter Althaus and his wife Ruth purchased Stoney Vineyard in the late '80s and built a reputation as one of Australia's finest wine producers. Recently Domaine A has been sold to Moorilla Estate/Mona.

Made from a small 2ha plot on the highest part of the vineyard, the pinot yields here are naturally low and the berries small, creating full-bodied wines with fine backbones. Ecstatically adore Domaine A Pinots or find them curiously interesting, there is no ignoring these enigmatic wines. They draw you in, and when you give yourself up, they are most fascinating.

In this vintage the bouquet has the characteristic Domaine A signature camphor/eucalypt/pepper with richer licorice and blackberry. And then... what a mouthful, it's everywhere, layers of texture, sweet fruit and spicy tannins with an appealing salty hit, right on the finish.

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