Chemin by Punt Road 2013 Pinot Noir

Chemin by Punt Road 2013 Pinot Noir

Winery : Punt Road

$39.50 - $235.00

Punt Road's Coldstream vineyard is on the site of the original St Hubert's vineyard and winery. Vines were planted by the Napoleone family in the late '80s and early '90s and the first premium Punt Road wines were released in 2001.

Chemin was a small volume range, representing an 'alternative path' - 2013 Chemin Pinot features 100% whole bunch from MV6 wines from the Napoleone vineyard. Quite delicate and ethereal.

Gary Walsh 93 points, Winefront: 'These Chemin wines always have distinct and strong personalities, and have to say, I think that’s a great thing. Strong capsicum, mescal and herbal notes, red fruits, spice. Light bodied, abundant small red fruits, a silky feel and svelte lines, sweetness and spiciness combining to good effect. Pulls nice and dry on the finish, which is long and satisfying. There’s detail and pinosity here, along with a pleasing unforced feel. Really like it.'

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