Deep Valley 2019 Terroir Pinot Noirs

Deep Valley 2019 Terroir Pinot Noirs

Winery : Steve & Marco Lubiana

$49.50 - $570.00
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A collaboration from Steve and Marco Lubiana. These two rare and special Pinot Noirs are made from the Stefano Lubiana Vineyard at Granton, north of Hobart. The vineyard is home to a variety of soil types.

2019 Deep Valley Clay Terroir Pinot Noir: Dark brown clay over chalk and stones, low-yielding vines, foot stomped, no fining nor filtration.

Michele’s notes: Dark fruits with violet, pimento, cardamom and slate. It is bold and deep in the mouth but there is no heaviness, just jubey complexity. Delicious char and bitter chocolate overlay the dark plummy fruits. Lingering.

Deep Valley 2019 Gravel Terroir Pinot Noir: ONLY AVAILABLE in the MIXED PACKS. Loam over white/grey gravel; 30yo low-yielding vines; no fining nor filtration

Michele's notes: Inviting aromas of freshly baked raspberry brioche. Florals too – rose and carnation. It is perhaps a little more ‘open’ than the Clay Terroir; the gravelly soils lifting the perfume. Berry fruits mingle with elements of vanilla from the oak. Finely structured and beautifully balanced. It is exquisite.

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