Felton Road 2017 Pinot Noirs

Felton Road 2017 Pinot Noirs

Winery : Felton Road

$72.00 - $535.00
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MIXED SIX PACK $535 (value $576) contains 2 each of the following 2017 Felton Road Pinot Noirs

New release 2017 Bannockburn, Cornish Pt and Block 3 Pinot Noirs from the masters, Felton Road, celebrate their 21st vintage in Central Otago. Calvert and Block 5 will be released later in the year.

Vintage 2017 notes: 'What had been apprehension in the face of unsettled conditions through flowering and veraison ... turned to joy as it became apparent that although the harvest would be smaller (due to the unsettled weather during flowering), quality would be of the very highest. Nature provided us with a perfect outcome to an unusual season characterised by a fast start and slow finish.'

2017 Felton Road Bannockburn Pinot Noir: A classic expression of what Felton Road does so brilliantly. Vineyard notes: 'The aroma leads to a bright and lifted combination of red and dark fruits with considerable florals. On the palate, there is a combination of transparency, power and tension. The silky entry of spice and savoury notes expand to pure, deep fruits, braced with acidity, but luscious throughout. The frame is a finely woven latticework: intricate and detailed with a strong sense of longevity. This exemplary wine is a blend of our four properties that elegantly expresses the graceful and more subtle side of Pinot Noir from Bannockburn.'

2017 Felton Road Cornish Pt Pinot Noir: Vineyard notes: 'Ripe plum and an earthy savouriness are complemented by mocha and rose petal. The immediately inviting and generous mouthfeel is in the usual extroverted Cornish Point manner. However, every component is in superb balance with not a step out of place: a sign of things to come as vine age starts to dominate in this vineyard. Chocolate nut tannins flow across the palate building presence and scale. Like a favourite soft and comfortable sofa: easy to melt in to!

2017 Felton Road Block 3 Pinot Noir: ONLY AVAILABLE in the MIXED SIX PACK Vineyard notes: Vineyard notes 'Opening notes of characteristic Indian spice and dried herbs overlie a basket of ripe dark fruits. In the mouth it’s opulent and profound: the sheer breadth on the palate is staggering. It’s not ripeness or concentration of fruit that’s leading the charge; more a perfect harmony, balance and utter completeness. There’s no doubting its somewhereness: it is unique and that’s what we love about Block 3. Velvety textured tannins eventually bring it all to a close...then come back for an encore!'

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