Freycinet 2017 Pinot Noir

Freycinet 2017 Pinot Noir

Winery : Freycinet Vineyard

$69.00 - $405.00

Freycinet Vineyard has been established for more than three decades on Tasmania's sunny east coast.

A natural amphitheatre - the perfect site - mature vines, expert viticulture, 'simple' winemaking perfectly suited to the fruit and site, Claudio Radenti's humble genius... all this creates naturally well-structured wines that drink beautifully from first release and also age exceptionally well.

Freycinet is undisputed as one of Australia's icon pinots. Because of its status, the wine is often used in wine industry sensory and technical tastings. As well as scoring consistently highly on a sensory level by tasters (tasting 'blind'), testing analysis reveals that Freycinet Pinot has a near perfect tannin score, and that's a combination of both fruit and oak tannin. Not only does this happy situation contribute to the excellent mouthfeel and sense of structural balance, but it is also one of the major contributors to longevity. 





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