Mud House 2015 Claim 431 Pinot Noir

Mud House 2015 Claim 431 Pinot Noir

Winery : Mud House

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Mud House is one of the largest producers of pinot noir in Central Otago. Their vineyards are based in Bendigo (part of Cromwell Basin), a sub-region well known for producing pinots of full flavour and structure. Vines at Mud House's Loop Road site were planted in 2003 and 2008, and it is already proving to be an excellent location as the vines begin to mature.

Claim 431 is a limited production, single vineyard Pinot Noir. The fruit was sourced from Mud House's Claim 431 Vineyard in Bendigo. Free draining loam soils over schist gravel makes this sub-region a natural home for growing full flavoured and well-structured pinot noir. The huge diurnal (day/night) range of temperatures here contributes to the structure and increases flavour concentration in the fruit.

Mud House's 2015 Claim 431 brings together those full-bodied characteristics of the Bendigo region with elegant and fragrant dark red rose aromas and warming notes of spice. It is exceptionally well balanced, with rich satisfying flavours, all handled with finesse.

BLUE GOLD Sydney International Wine Competition

Raymond Chan ***** 18.5/20


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