Riesling - Goaty Hill 2016/17 Riesling

Riesling - Goaty Hill 2016/17 Riesling

Winery : Goaty Hill

$32.00 - $355.00

Extremely popular riesling from the super riesling zone, Rowella, in Tasmania's Tamar Valley.

Spicy limes, guava and honey, intensely fruity nose. Barely 2g residual sugar, so officially very dry, but the fruit is so bold and full that the impression is one of fruit sweetness and richness than searing dryness. The acid is there but it's neither sour nor scary. Really excellent. DRY 12.4% alcohol.

Goaty Hill's neighbours Chartley Estate, Waterton and Holm Oak, all produce outstanding aromatic wines.


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