Tasmanian Pinot Highlights

Tasmanian Pinot Highlights

Winery : Various

$345.00 - $670.00

A premium mix of Tasmanian Pinot Noirs, highlights of recent tastings.

SIX mix contains one each of the following, DOZ mix contains two of each - 

2015 Dawson & James Pinot Noir (Derwent V)

2015 Apsley Gorge Pinot Noir (East Coast)

2016 Bream Creek RESERVE Pinot Noir (East Coast)

2016 Clarence House RESERVE Pinot Noir (Derwent V)

2017 Laurel Bank Pinot Noir (Derwent V)

 2016 Winstead Lot 16 Pinot Noir (Bagdad, Southern Midlands)

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