The P Spot

  • P is for a pinot philosopher on Ata Rangi


    2009 Ata Rangi Pinot Noir, Martinborough NZ


    is a wine for lovers of the Tao Te Ching.

    The label says it has "an alluring sense of place".

    Well I have never been to Martinborough, but a thought struck me as I drank the whole bottle on my own at a place called Tomahawk on Tasmania's far North East: a forgotten American sealing harbour declared a town in the 1850s, around the time of the Maori Wars.

    Sense of place? The evening was balmy and from my deck there were clear views of the Furneaux Islands across the notorious Banks Strait on a night when it looked like glass. I drank the bottle in one go.

    Light yet heavy. Heavy yet light. Substance without structure. Why do we exist when the universe itself is so improbable?

    Smooth. Punchy. Full. Empty. A sense of place?  Martinborough– Tomahawk? Methinks they hesitated. A place that is no place. Nowhere. 


    Essential Tao.

    A sense of soul.

    Essential Pinot.

    This is no mere wine. This is a spiritual experience.

    The (converted) pinot philosopher

    aka Lindsay Kelly, graphic designer, January 2011



     2014 ATA RANGI Pinot Noir - current vintage

  • Rippon Pinot exudes class

    Rippon Pinot Noir Biodynamic viticulture, an attitude of ‘custodianship’, mature vines, unfiltered and unfined wines, love and integrity at every turn… and my how it shows. Rippon Pinots from Wanaka in Central Otago thoroughly deserve their inclusion in The P Spot.

    Having tasted the 2005 Rippon Pinot in Queenstown earlier this year and thought it to be the highlight of the grand tasting session it was a disappointment to discover that stocks had just run out in Australia. As a customer kindly pointed out, if you miss that bus there will be another one along shortly.

    Back in January (when previously tasted) it was easy to see where the 2006 Rippon Pinot might be headed but the bouquet was yet to evolve. The palate showed a great line of very pure fruit which looked good for the future.

    And so has faith been rewarded. Tasted on Tuesday Sept 16, 2008, the 2006 Rippon Pinot Noir showed its undeniable class. The beautiful perfume shows clove spice, pretty fruit and rather comforting raspberry and pastry notes. The wine has a lovely weight and volume with a nice touch of charry oak over the sweet fruit. The texture is most appealing.

    There’s lots to look forward to in the future so pop a couple away for 5-10 years.

    2006 Rippon Pinot Noir now SOLD OUT, we are awaiting (the very limited) stock of vintage 2007.