Domaine Simha Pinot Noirs

Domaine Simha Pinot Noirs

Winery : Domaine Simha


Domaine Simha is already considered one of Tasmania's 'avant garde' producers after barely 3 vintages. It was founded by winemaker Nav Singh  - experience at Mountadam, Dom de L'Arlot, Le Pin/Vieux Chateau Certan - and Somm/journalist/marketer Louise Radman.

Nav Singh explains Domaine Simha's non-interventionist/au natural way of doing things as a matter of 'letting the wines come to us'. He could easily grab the 'natural wine' banner, that is so currently fashionable, but focuses instead on revealing the nuances and idiosyncrasies of each season and plot of land as they are. Singh/Radman work very closely with growers in the Derwent, Coal and Huon Valleys.

Only 2-3 barrels/amphorae are made of each wine, therefore supply is extremely limited. All are fermented with wild yeast, unfined and unfiltered. In same cases, stock amounts to a few bottles only.

2017 Domaine Simha RAMA Pinot Noir: A gentle but profound expression of pinot. Sweet, dark cherries, resin, smoky stems... Glycerol flow over the palate - seamless, finest of fine tannins, flavours build.

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