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Spirits & Liqueurs

Winery : Various

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  • Delord 1985 Armagnac Sold Out!


Abel Gin Co Essence Gin 700ml: A collaboration between the Stillwater Restaurant folk and Natalie Fryar (ex Jansz, now Kreglinger sparkling maker). Delicate and aromatic gin made from fresh botanicals - rose petal, orange rind, Tasmanian aromatic plants. The 'daytime' gin.
Abel Gin Co Quintessence Gin 700ml: Spicier and bolder in flavour than the above. Brilliant for a negroni - equal parts gin, bitters and red vermouth over ice and orange rind.
Whitley Neill Handcrafted Gin 700ml: English gin made from African botanicals - fruit of boabab tree (like a cross between pineapple and melon) and cape gooseberries. It is a delicate, spicy, citrusy/tangy gin. Top seller. Excellent G&T gin.

    Armagnac & Cognac

    Darroze Armagnac TRIO 1977, 1987, 1997 200ml ea: Gift box with three vintages spanning the last three decades.
    Gelas Double-Matured Port Single Cask Armagnac 700ml: Stunning colour, fruity on the nose with orange and, after air, flowers. Very refined.
    Delord 1985 Bas Armagnac 700ml: The classic.Topaz color, orange reflections. Nose: Quince, prunes, raisins, oak. Nutmeg, ginger, cocoa...
    Castarede 1987 Bas Armagnac 700ml: Toasted hazelnuts, candied orange rind.
    Mestreau No 08 Borderies XO Cognac 700ml: Vintage 8-25 years. Mestreau is a high-quality Cognac producer founded in 1808. They supplied Cognac to the court of Tsar Nicholas II.
    Paul Giraud VSOP Cognac 700ml: Vintage -  8 years. Classic Cognac from one of the most respected small producers. Earthy nose, with a touch of creaminess, slight grapiness. Light on the palate with the grapey elegance of Cognac, light and poised, earthy, creamy, honeyed.
    Paul Giraud Napoleon Cognac 700ml: Vintage - 15 years. Grapey fruitiness, elegant, touch of honey. Richness and depth, savoury woody character.

      Liqueur & Bitters

      Cordialor Gelas Liqueur d'Orange et Armagnac: Made from orange essence produced in the Caribbean from green orange skins, with Armagnac. After distillation it is aged in oak casks. First developed in 1798 by Gelas. Eighty years later his grandson refined the recipe by substituting Armagnac as the base. Magnificent after dinner treat. Works nicely as a digestif too. 35% alcohol.
      Le Birlou Chestnut & Apple Liqueur 700ml: It's love at first sight with this one. An entrancing fragrance of fresh, sweet apples with the richness of chestnut in the mouth. Not overly sweet, and just the ticket to sip after dinner during the winter months. Very popular.
      Applewood Okar Amaro Bitters 500ml: Australian-made bitters from riberries, lemon myrtle, gentian root, licorice root, wormwood, sweet orange peel, cassia bark and cinchona bark. Excellent for both spritzers and negroni cocktails.



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