Felton Road 2022 Pinot Noirs

Felton Road 2022 Pinot Noirs

Winery : Felton Road

$620.00 $645.00
  • MIXED SIX + free freight Sold Out!

Due to limited availability of the wines in this vintage, we are selling Felton Road 2022 Pinot Noirs only as a MIXED SIX, comprising 2 x Bannockburn, 2 x Cornish Pt, 1 x MacMuir and 1 x Block 3

2022 Bannockburn Pinot Noir (value $85): Vineyard notes - ‘A vivid nose of deep florals: dark roses, violets, and an undertow of ripe red fruit. The palate really shows the best of each vineyard that makes up the cuvée.  A pure but powerful drive of fruit on a perfect cusp of ripeness, with complexing notes of sandalwood and spice. This is all about harmony and balance with the transparency of fruit allowing the detail to shine through. Silken tannins finish the package.’

2022 Cornish Pt Pinot Noir (value $110): Vineyard notes – ‘How can one not love that instant bath of flowers, fruits and spice that this wine delivers? No holding back, no reticence at all, just a wash of Cornish Point indulgence - all leading to a flowing silky finish. Through the entire palate there is a gentle mineral seam that stops anything from tipping over into excess, so it seduces rather than hollers. There will be no lack of complexity to come for those with patience, but it is very hard to resist now.’

2022 MacMuir Pinot Noir (value $110): Vineyard notes – ‘Sometimes it can be hard to find a word to match what seems so clear to the senses. The nose is dark, as is the colour, beguiling, but restrained. There is a stature to the palate here; a sort of authority to the way it stands back and allows you to explore its detail. A definite sprig of herbs, chocolate notes, but still so transparent that every nuance is revealed. It seems extraordinary that this is just the second time we’ve made MacMuir as a single vineyard release: it’s Felton Road, to be sure, but in a different dimension.’

2022 Block 3 Pinot Noir (value $145): Vineyard notes – ‘The complete epitome of this iconic wine. Dark fruits, crushed herbs, silky but palpable texture, weightless power, chocolate tannins with wafts of smoky mocha, followed by the length that defines its reputation. When a wine is this true to its hallmarks, one is left with very little to say.’ 

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