ITALY - Viviani 2012 Valpolicella Ripasso

ITALY - Viviani 2012 Valpolicella Ripasso

Winery : Azienda Agricola Viviani


Azienda Agricola Viviani is a family-run producer in the Veneto's Valpolicella zone. Their vineyards are at an elevation of 350-450metres near the hillside hamlet of Mazzano, directly north of Verona.

The Viviani family harvests the traditional grapes of Valpolicalla - corvina, rondinella and molinara - from 20-60 year old vines. The Amarone wines are considered jewels of the style. Ripasso basically means 're-passed' and refers to the method of making where Valpolicella wine is passed back (or macerated) over the still wet pomace (marc) of the dried grape skins previously used to make the famed Amarone.

In a nutshell what you get is a mini, less alcoholic (13.5% compared with 15.5%) version of Amarone's dark, brooding gorgeousness at half the price. The Ripasso is a luxurious mouthful of rich cherries, chocolate, coffee, raisins and more. The colour is amazing - deepest ruby. For pinot drinkers, the velvety/luscious texture is a joy, and in typical Italian style it finishes with cleansing fine and savoury tannins. Seriously stunning wine - highly recommended. Now go find the best piece of rib eye beef that you can muster.

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