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Kusuda Martinborough Wines

Winery : Kusuda Martinborough Wines

$65.00 - $139.00
  • '15 Syrah per single Sold Out!
  • '17 Riesling per single Sold Out!
  • '16 Pinot per single Sold Out!

Kusuda Quartet comprises 2 x Pinot Noir, 1 x Syrah, 1 x Riesling

Hiroyuki Kusuda's Martinborough vineyard has 1.6 ha of Pinot Noir, 1.2 of Syrah and even less Riesling. 'Hand-crafted' was never more apt; the now 'famous/infamous' vintage regime involves picking each berry individually when it is at perfect ripeness, necessitating several fastidious passes through the vines.

Volumes of Kusuda Pinot and Syrah into Australia are significantly reduced owing to the small harvest, coupled with Hiro Kusuda's extreme berry selection process. But, at least this year we have Riesling so are able to offer all current wines in a Quartet, with two Pinots and one each of the other varietals.

2016 Kusuda Pinot Noir ONLY AVAILABLE IN THE QUARTET: Hiro's notes - 'From the high-density block (majority 7400 plants/ha) we started to lease in 2011 then purchased after the 2015 vintage. First ever Pinot Noir made from own vineyard. 90% de-stemmed, cold soaked for 4 to 7 days.'

2015 Kusuda Syrah: Hiro's notes - 'Elegant, perfumed and balanced wine despite the severe wind & water stress. Pinot-like feel with the distinctive Syrah aromatic and firmer (but round) tannins.'

2017 Kusuda Riesling: Hiro's notes - 'From newly leased Boulders Vineyard on Martinborough Terrace. Cool season contributed to the tighter style with higher acidity. Dropping fruit (about 40%) in summer paid off since we were able to harvest before the big rains brought by the two tropical cyclones. Very tight but concentrated and aromatic (citrus/white pear). Should become much more expressive if a bit more time given in the bottle.'




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