Tamar Valley TAS Sample Pack

Tamar Valley TAS Sample Pack

Winery : Various

$299.00 - $580.00

The term Tamar Valley is used in its broadest sense here, encompassing Tamar Valley and Pipers River. Pinot styles vary from the juicy vibrance of Rowella and the West Tamar to the poised delicacy of Pipers River.

Mixed SIX Pack contains 1 each of these wines:  

    2020 Dog & Wolf Pinot Noir - East Tamar and Waverley

    2019 Tamar Ridge Reserve Pinot Noir - West Tamar, Kayena

    2019 Dalrymple Cottage Block Pinot Noir - NE, Pipers River

    2019 The Ridge North Lilydale Pinot Noir - NE, Lilydale

    2019 Westella Pinot Noir - West Tamar, Rowella

    2019 Supply River Mill Pinot Noir - West Tamar, Deviot

    Mixed DOZEN contains 2 each of the above wines

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