Farr Rising 2017 Saignee (Rose)

Farr Rising 2017 Saignee (Rose)

Winery : Farr Rising

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Farr Rising Saignee is made by Nick Farr from Geelong pinot noir fruit.

A rosé by any other name would hardly taste as sweet...Farr Rising Saignée is a seriously good rosé with few peers; it's akin to drinking liquid rubies.

Saignee is a French winemaking term to describe 'bleeding' juice from just-picked grapes. This has two benefits - you can make a delicious rosé from the initial 'bleed' and it also concentrates the remaining grape juice, resulting, in Farr Rising's case, in a fuller flavoured pinot.

The Farr Rising winemaking team treats the making of their saignée rosé very seriously, giving it the full barrel ferment treatment to add layers of complexity and a smidge of savouriness. I say smidge because the overall impression when enjoying a glass of Farr Rising Saignée is of the most gloriously sweet fruit - acid subsumed, tannins subsumed, oak influence subsumed, but adding style, elegance and all the other nuances which make this a complete wine.

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