Chardonnay - Domaine Simha Rao Chardonnay

Chardonnay - Domaine Simha Rao Chardonnay

Winery : Domaine Simha

  • 2015 per single Sold Out!
  • 2016 per single Sold Out!
  • 2018 per single Sold Out!

2015 Domaine Simha Rao Chardonnay TAS: Derwent Valley fruit 'handpicked on a flower day after the harvest moon of Autumnal equinox' naturally fermented and then matured in NEW 'demi muid' for 12 months. Unfined and unfiltered. Sublime chardonnay of the highest order. Stone fruits, citrus, floral perfume from classy French oak and great texture. Expect this to rise in the ranks of top Australian chardonnay. From mature Derwent Valley vines.

 2018 Domaine Simha Rao Chardonnay: Spectacular new release with pristine fruit and brilliant oak.

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