• Roulade w' ocean trout, tomato & rocket

    Looks glamorous but a roulade is surprisingly easy to make

    If you can make a good béchamel sauce and beat egg whites, it is a breeze. A roulade is basically a flat soufflé rolled up with tasty ingredients. So, while you’ve learned how to make a roulade you’ll also be able to produce a first class soufflé. The procedure is identical; only the method of cooking varies.

  • Salmon baked in pastry with ginger & currants

    This recipe is based on Jane Grigson's tribute to Perry-Smith. It is from The Observer Book of British Cookery.

    Don’t be startled by the amount of butter, it’s a terrific dish, rich sure, but then you only need a small portion. 

    The dish can be prepared well ahead and refrigerated with the glazing and baking to do at dinner time.